The Ledge #611: Those Big Ten Inch Records

Ten inch records are the forgotten treasures of my library. They’re housed in a little side section of my entertainment center, and most are rarely touched. This is why a couple of weeks ago I decided to have a marathon listening session of those very records. 

These sort of releases generally form a handful of different types of material. They can be extended singles filled with previously unreleased bonus tracks (Guided By Voices, Jesus & Mary Chain). They can be rarities collections of b-sides or outtakes (The Clash, Bad Brains). Or they can be fully-fledged brand new releses (Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis, The Coolies). 

Plus, this theme allows me to celebrate the 11th year anniversary of the reunion of The Replacements! Songs For Slim came out on March 5, 2013, and this obviously led to their hitting the road a year later. Topping off their set, I also included the cover of “Route 66” that was the highlight of their 1987 “Alex Chilton” EP.

Thanks also must go to various folks that had suggestions for tonight’s show, including the band White Rose Motor Oil, who contributed the tracks of the last set of tonight’s broadcast.


Download MP3 here