The Ledge #622: New Releases, Pt. 1

I don’t think anybody is surprised that once again the monthly new release episode is a two parter. That’s the way this excellent year in music has gone, and will hopefully carry on all the way through December.

This week’s episode kicks off with a “friends of the show” series of tracks. There’s the latest in White Rose Motor Oil’s “pre-owned songs” series, along with the monthly releases of new tracks by Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin and Rob’s side project Robotom, LTD. 

But there’s also the exciting news that fellow RealPunkRadio DJ Greg Lonesome, host of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto, has a new project called Intrusice Thoughts. As legendary blogger Lord Rutledge wrote on his Faster and Louder blog, “the band’s debut single ‘Daytime Drama’ is a ferocious shot of rockin’ old school punk with a very important message. Greg wrote the lyrics as a reflection of how he felt starting therapy…of course ‘Daytime Drama’ is a dark song, but it ends with a glimmer of hope.” 

Along with these great tunes from our pals, there’s a set devoted to the fantastic Jem Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards, along with new music by Buffalo Tom, Memo PST, Ultrabomb, Micah Schnabel, and two full sets of ferocious female-fronted rock and roll!

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