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  • Live Ledge #408: In Memoriam

    It was a pretty rough year for music-related deaths. It seemed like every day we lost another songwriter, producer, or musician. And this sort of tragic news affected every genre and every age group.

    But they all left behind a body of work to keep their memories alive, and tonight’s Live Ledge celebrates many of these artists. Some were platinum-selling Hall of Famers; others were lifers who deserved more recognition than they saw in their lifetime. A special thanks goes to Danny Boen for offering his thoughts on his longtime friend (and Polara bandmate) Ed Ackerson. One of the MVP’s of the Minneapolis scene since the mid-80’s, his October 4 death from pancreatic cancer stunned the Minneapolis community. (A GoFundMe has been set up for Ackerson’s wife and child. Please help if you can.)

    After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy!


    Download MP3 here

  • Live Ledge #390: RIP David Berman

    The bad news came just a few minutes before I was going to once again put the needle on the record. David Berman, former leader of Silver Jews who had just reemerged after ten years with the excellent Purple Mountains, had died. One of rock and roll’s most unique songwriters, it was an obvious decision to make the first half of tonight’s show a tribute to him. Thanks to Dan Nissen of Total Drag for a few song selections to help tell the story of this gifted artist.

    After that there’s an hour of some great recent used record finds, including old favorites by The Undertones, X, Old 97’s, and many others.


    Download MP3 here