The Ledge #445: Gorman Bechard

It’s always a lot of fun when Gorman Bechard appears on The Ledge, and this week was no exception. He’s got two brand new documentaries that were released this past Tuesday, and both are pretty fantastic. Pizza: A Love Story is all about the legendary New Haven pizza, and the award-winning trio of family businesses that created the edible delights that I’ve personally heard Gorman ramble on and on about for well over a decade. New Haven historian Colin M. Caplan sits in on this portion of the show to talk about the research that went into the creation of this film.

The other film, Seniors: A Dogumentary is as perfect of a feel-good story as one can possibly make. How can you not love a film that collects a number of tales involving such amazing elderly dogs? Much of the film centers around the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, an organization that houses and fosters elderly dogs, but there’s other fabulous dog tales such as the heartwarming tale of Chaser, who proves why he is generally considered the smartest dog in the world. Dean Falcone, who created the music on both films, also chats about his innovative idea to use nothing but toy instruments on the film soundtrack.

As always, Gorman is also giving the key to the Ledge soundtrack this week, and his choices not only includes some of Falcone’s soundtrack work but recent releases by Lydia Loveless, Todd May, Soccer Mommy, and S.G. Goodman.


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