The Ledge #467: Rum Bar Records

Loyalty is an important word in my life. I try to be as loyal as possible to not only friends and family, but also the bands that I love. I’m even loyal to certain record labels. In the 80’s it was Twin/Tone and SST. Merge and a few others fit that category in the 90’s, and I’ve got a handful of current labels these days whose artists I will always check out. One of those is Rum Bar Records.

No label has been more loyal to what I do with The Ledge than Rum Bar Records. Head honcho “Malibu” Lou Mansdorf has not only kept me in the loop with his constantly growing stable of releases, but he also routinely tosses a care package of physical releases to my mailbox. It’s because of people like Lou that this show has continued to prosper for over a decade.

But it also turns out that loyalty is an important word to Mansdorf, as proven by the testimonials from his artists that pop up throughout this marathon all-Rum Bar broadcast. Most have been his friends for decades, but even recent signing have nothing but glowing words for him.

Tonight’s show features tracks from the entire Rum Bar discography, including reissues of his earlier releases under the Melted Records moniker. The centerpiece of the show is a lengthy set that includes two tracks each from three fabulous records that were released today by Beebe Gallini, Electraluxx, and Indonesian Junk.

The Ledge is even teaming up with Rum Bar for an Instagram contest. Three lucky winners will receive a Rum Bar prize pack for entering via my personal Instagram account. The rules are super simple, and the deadline is Thursday, March 25.

Special thanks must go to Brent Dowell for helping select tonight’s tracks, and also to the following people for their contributions: Luke Metz, John Lynch, Geoff Palmer, Kurt Baker, Nato Coles, The Right Here, “Muck”, Justine Covault, Hayley Crusher, Miss Georgia Peach, Scott Dennis, Rick Dennis, Daniel James, and Brad Marino.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. And if you buy these records directly from the artist or label, please let them know you heard these tunes on The Ledge!


Download MP3 here

2 Responses to The Ledge #467: Rum Bar Records

  1. Avatar Max J. Montoya
    Max J. Montoya says:

    I first want to say that when I first purchased the Pee Wees and you guys started sending me things listen to it’s taking me back to the 80s, just a good rock and roll and punk. From Oxnard and we had a pretty big scene in the 80s bands like aggression low repute doctor no false confession and my buddy from Boston fashion ended up playing with the cramps until Lux died then he played with the Lords of Altamont. But the other half of loyalty is support and that’s what we always get for each other out here that’s what I’m doing for you guys. And how cool to have lose kid leave me a email oh, I just left Goodwill in a mother told this girl to put this big duck stuffed animal away and she dragged her feet and couldn’t put it down for about 5 Seconds finally dragging her feet back to her mom so I bought it for her and I told her to be quiet so when I left I tossed it to her and she said thank you what’s your name and I told her it comes from me and and I told her you could think Max in Malibu Lou. Give it’ll come back thanks again rum bar

    • Avatar theledge
      theledge says:

      Max, this was probably the best response I’ve ever received on any forum I’ve been on. Thank, my friend.