The Ledge #542: New Releases

As always, first Friday means nothing but new releases, and tonight it’s an extended show featuring almost 2 1/2 hours of fabulous new rock and roll. And like always, it’s a wide mix of styles. There are bands that were formed just a few months ago mixed with the returns of legends from the past. There are both supergroups and bands that would probably not be recognized in their home towns. There are also quite a few “friends of the show”, including some tracks from Dan Israel’s awesome new LP, Seriously

I would love it if every listener bought at least one record I played on either of these shows. These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. And if you buy these records directly from the artist or label, please let them know you heard these tunes on The Ledge! Let them know who is giving them promotion!

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