The Ledge #610: New Releases Pt. 2

This week’s continuation of last week’s new release episode features, once again, no drop off in quality. There’s plenty of great new music from both relatively new artists and longtime veterans. I mean, who could have guessed that we’d still have vital tunes from two of America’s first punk bands, T.S.O.L. and Nervous Eaters? Let alone the return of The Bevis Frond, the latest from super-prolific songwriter Daniel Romano, and a plethora of Australian bands?

Oh, and by the way, I’m looking for some suggestions for next week’s show. Earlier this week, I pulled out my collecton of ten-inch vinyl EP’s, and I’d like to do a broadcast based on those generally forgotten records. But I don’t have enough of these types of releases to fill a whole show, so please let me know some of your favorites of this format!

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