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  • The Ledge #526: Low Rats

    When the news broke that swaggering rock and rollers Low Rats were hitting my little city of Sioux Falls I immediately began begging the band to make a stop at my house before the show for a Ledge interview. Although final plans were up in the air until the last minute, lead singer Michael Meyer promised me that he would definitely show up in time for my Friday night broadcast.

    Unfortunately, I had some technical issues throughout the day, and they were not completely fixed by the time Meyer arrived just before my Realpunkradio shift. So instead of a mix of chat and music, we could only broadcast the conversation. The two of us spent an hour talking about his Sioux Falls childhood, along with the various bands he had not only in this little town but in other cities, including his time a few years ago leading Narco States.

    In a case of perfect timing, the rest of the band (guitarist Rob Sells, bassist Joe Holland, and drummer Ben Crunk) arrived just when I was going to begin asking Meyer questions about Low Rats. Although I now had more people than microphones, we carried on with the entire band discussing the group’s history, their various releases, and a few thoughts on the thriving Twin Cities theme.

    I could have tidied up this show a lot more than I did, but I’m presenting the entire interview, audio flaws and all. You will hear the minute the rest of the band arrives, along a point later on where Meyer has to leave for another appointment. I have inserted Low Rats tunes at the beginning and end of the show, and have also edited in the two songs each band member picked that, as Meyer wrote earlier in the week, “directly influenced the style of playing that we have incorporated into Low Rats.”

    By the way, the show later that night at Vishnu Bunny Tattoo was nothing sort of amazing, and their selected tunes for this show were clearly representative. Meyer is a mad man that’s part Iggy, part Stiv, and part every other frenetic frontman in rock history. Nothing within his reach is safe, including ketchup and garbage cans. Crunk keeps everything from spiraling out of control from behind his drunk kit, Holland thumps out the sort of low end that certainly represents the heavier side of the band, while Sells spits out the kind of guitar that you’d expect from a person who would pick the Cramps and X as influences. 

    Many thanks must go to not only the band but Vishnu Bunny Tattoo for booking them, and to super fan Dan Michener for delivering 3/4 of the band members to my front door!


    Download MP3 here