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  • The Ledge #625: Second Quarter Recap

    Besides the monthly new release episodes, another regular feature of this show is the “quarterly recap”, where I play tracks from the best albums released over the last three months. This month features a wide variety of rock, punk, power pop, Americana, and a few other sub-genres. Everybody should be able to find a new favorite record in this expanded episode.

    Before we get to the highlights of the quarter, though, I’ve got a tribute to arguably the greatest rock and roller my state has ever produced. Myron Lee, the leader of Myron Lee & The Caddies, passed away just days before his 83rd birthday. Along with airing a handful of his late 50s/early 60s hits, I come clean about the simple fact that for the longest time I was completely unaware of his true rockin’ sound. In fact, it was due to an appearance on another Real Punk Radio broadcast that I finally understood that rockabilly and punk fanatics have been collecting his singles for decades! RIP Myron!

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