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  • The Ledge #620: RIP Steve Albini

    The May 7 death of musician/engineer/producer/ranconteur Steve Albini shocked music fans all over the world. What may have surprised fans even more is the discovery of just how much classic records he helped create in his four decade run. Besides famously successful records by superstars such as Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, and others, Albini worked with a wide range of artists, big and small. The discography is literally impossible to navigate, as his credits include over a thousand different sessions.

    So tonight’s look at Albini’s career is indeed not complete. Some of his most well-known projects aren’t included. Instead, this show tries to show that wide variety I already mentioned. There are singer/songwriter types that worked with on a number of records (Robbie Fulks, Magnolia Electric Co.), quite a few well-known acts that were looking for a different sound (Guided By Voices, Fleshtones), and some more recent bands that certinly benefitted from his wisdom (Cloud Nothings, Screaming Females). There’s also a set devoted to Albini’s own musical career, including a couple of tracks from a brand new Shellac album, To All Trains, that was posthumously released today (May 17). 

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com


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  • Live Ledge #382: RIP Roky Erickson + More 1989

    Minutes before the planned second episode devoted to 1989 was set to record came news of the death of legendary pyschedelic garage rocker Roky Erickson. A half hour or so of Roky’s music is aired at the beginning of the show before going into the original playlist.


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