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  • The Ledge #480: What Would Paul Westerberg Do? (New Releases)

    It’s a question I ask myself multiple times a day. What would Mr. Westerberg do?  The answers guide my day to day life, which explains quite a bit about the status of Mr. Hudson these days. But Geoff Palmer understands, and his great track that gives thsi episode its title is just one of the many incredible songs on his upcoming record, Charts and Graphs. (BTW, somebody please count the Westy song references on this track. I just may have a prize for the person who comes closest.)

    As always, this isn’t the only great record coming out soon on Rum Bar Records, and the last 20 minutes consist of nothing but great tracks from that label. There are also sets devoted to wonderful new music from Red On Red Records and Big Stir Records. These are all great records that really would appreciate some support from Ledge listeners. Go check them out.

    And that’s not all. I mentioned last month the mystery of a band called The Revenants. They have released over 30 records so far this year, and they’re all free! Please, if somebody out there has any info on this prolific act give me the deets! There’s also the return of the great 80’s Australian band Scientists, and all kinds of other great new tunes!

    I would love it if every listener bought at least one record I played on either of these shows. These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. And if you buy these records directly from the artist or label, please let them know you heard these tunes on The Ledge! Let them know who is giving them promotion!


    Download MP3 here