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  • The Ledge #603: 1979 UK

    1979 was an important year for rock and roll, but it was a bigger year for my musical journey. This was the year that the real obsession with buying records began. I had a job. I had a car. And I had put together a pretty awesome sound system in my bedroom.

    This was the first year I was buying new music AS it was coming out. I was no longer saving up for a record I read about in Creem Magazine. I was at the record store each and every week. In fact, this was the year I first started working at a record store, and you know I spent more money on music than I actually made at the store.

    So tonight’s celebration of the UK sounds of that year is truly a trip back in time. With a handful of exceptions, this was indeed a good portion of my playlist back then. London Calling. A Different Kind of Tension. Setting Sons. Cool For Cats. Labour of Lust. The list goes on and on of music I forced friends to endure whether they liked them or not.

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